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Dashcam Install Front & Rear Tesla Model S - Goluk T1 & T3 - Bristol Gordana Supercharger

Installation whilst you are charging at a Supercharger?

Twin T1 and T3 Dashcam's were installed into this new AP2 (Autopilot v2) Tesla Model S.

To give more of an OEM installed look, at 3mm bolt secured the Goluk T1 to behind the rear view mirror.

"Ok, this is my first post to the group and I can't think of a better reason than to give a shout out to David Johnson. At very short notice David was able to fit a couple of Goluk cameras to my MS (AP2). He left home at 5am to meet me at Gordano Services (which sounds a little dodgy, but all good) and in less than 90 minutes my car was all sorted.David did a superb and professional job, with both cameras invisible from the driver's viewpoint. Excellent results from the cameras too – they seem to be really good pieces of kit.More importantly for me, is the kinda guy David is. There are loads of folks out there who could fit these cameras, I'm sure, but it is David's passion, attention to detail and service that really stands out. He's one of those guys who seems full of energy, optimism and enthusiasm. In short, he's simply an inspiring guy to be around. His business is quite new and he deserves for it to be a roaring success. Top bloke. Period.(Oh, and for anyone out there who is concerned about him drilling a hole in your AP2 plastic cowling, don't be: you can't see it, it's a much better finish in my view than the sticky pad on the windscreen, and even when you take the camera out you'd be hard pushed to see anything. I know David took photos - much better than any I could do, I'm sure - and I figure he will share shortly!)"

★★★★★ in the last week

Mr Peter Docker - (Facebook Tesla group review)

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