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Tesla Dashcam Install Model X Harlow Essex

This customer was very pleased to have his wired dashcam removed and have a Professional GOLUK Dual Dashcam installation in his Tesla Model X.

The Goluk cameras have an abundance of features that make it the top request from Tesla owners but some of the important ones are that the camera's are low voltage and low consumption. This allows the camera wiring to run alongside existing looms within your car, for instance along the thin conduit in the Tesla Model X windshield and not interfere with the other cabling.

The Tesla Model Has sensitive power and data cables that run through this conduit channel to control information from the Autopilot Camera's on the windshield and other Dashcams either have a 12 volt cable and a rear camera video feed running alongside this and/or even tap into the power feed from the Autopilot housing itself.

We take a totally separate unused feed and use additional safe supplies to take the voltage down to 5 volts. We also add a switch to allow the Tesla Service Centre's to safely power down the camera's when in for service.

Other Dashcam suppliers may tap into power from the Tesla in such a way that the only solution to power the camera's down is to pull the lead out from the camera itself.

Our install in Tesla's do not cut into any cables at all and the camera's can easily be removed if required.

  • 24/7 CCTV around your car

  • 24/7 CCTV around your home

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 10% discount on car insurance

  • High definition clear recordings

  • Ultra Wide 152 degrees Field of View on both cameras

  • Number plate recognition on review

  • Automatic separate "incident" recordings

  • Parking Motion Recording

  • Parking G-Sensor Recording

  • Local wifi hotspot with excellent fast Android / iphone app to download footage

  • MicroSD card upgradeable

  • view footage on pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

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