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Goluk T2s dashcam

A 2.5k dashcam?

In a very small form factor?

So discrete, you can have 4 x installed, Front, Rear and Sides of your vehicle...

Meet Goluk, T2s!

Goluk have been working hard at optimising the Android and IOS apps to be able to cope with the amazing 2.5k image quality of the T2s.

The app enables high quality large thumbnail views so that you can very quickly scroll through to the clip that you wish to download from any of the video folders.

Blackvue 900x vs Goluk T2s
Blackvue 900x (4k) & Goluk T2s (2.5k)

There are 4 video folders that are created on your dashcam memory card that can be quickly accessed using the app, WDF, URG, TIME-LAPSE and LOOP.

WDF stands for "Wonderful" and this is where video clips are created when you press the Goluk wireless remote control button. Great for capturing those extra clips whilst on a long journey or snapping an incident that catches your eye. Ready for easy location and instant download when you come to a stop or arrive at your destination.

URG is where all the Urgent clips are stored that trigger the built in G-sensor. This could be an impact.

TIME-LAPSE is activated automatically after a number of minutes when your vehicle comes to a standstill. This records at 1 frame per second in full 2.5k quality whilst parked. When you download these clips to your phone or tablet, you can easily scroll through at speed, searching the clip in seconds. This mode is extremely economic in data usage with the camera utilising the memory card to store 60 minute clips in as little as 189mb (for reference a 2 minute, 2.5k resolution video file recording at 30 fps would be the same data size).

LOOP is your main driving mode recording. As soon as you start moving, this mode will record constantly. Using around 5gb per 1 hour of driving and the cameras coming supplied with a 32gb memory card, this is more than sufficient for the majority of drivers.

You can if you wish upgrade to 128gb memory, this must be Ultra dashcam memory and easily available from at around £18 for 128gb.

Goluk T2s vs Blackvue 900x
Goluk T2s & Blackvue 900x

Using HEVC video encoding with a high bitrate, the dashcam is able to maintain amazing quality that could be a worthy contender for leading 4k dashcams.

Going too high on resolution can be seen as a negative in certain aspects, file sizes for example. The video files become really big and potentially unmanageable when it comes to downloading them from the camera and also sending them as email or message attachments.

We have tested various camera makes and models and in reality certain range and circumference around your vehicle is all thats required to be recorded in great quality.

Anything more isn't necessary.

An amazing low price means that these are being snapped up to protect people vehicles!

Blackvue 900x Goluk T2s
Blackvue 900x vs & Goluk T2s

Blackvue 900x 2CH

​Goluk T2s + T2s

Resolution Front



Resolution rear




25mbps + 10mbps

15mbps + 15mbps HEVC



802.11 b.g.n



2 (1 per camera)

Field of view

162 front + 139 rear

​152 Front + 152 rear

Wireless remote control



Loop Recording



Parking Timelapse



Event Recording




3 Axis

3 Axis

Cloud upgradeable







36mm x 120mm

30mm x 100mm







Power consumption

455mAh / 12v

​400mAh / 5v



​£359.98 (£179.99 ea)

Goluk T2s Blackvue 900x
Goluk T2s vs Blackvue 900x

Goluk's answer to a feature packed high quality high resolution dashcam in a small discrete affordable package that you wont even notice is there.

We can professionally install these for you, or if you would like to fit one yourself using one of our OBD self fit kits you can do.

Contact us for a quote today or use the links below:


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