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Tesla Stolen!

Unfortunately a fairly regular occurrence now and it’s not just Tesla vehicles that are been stolen using a technique known as ‘roll jam’ from off your drive.

This only applies to vehicles that have keyless entry systems (when you walk up to your vehicle with the key in your pocket the vehicle unlocks itself).

Tesla Have rolled out a software update for their vehicles that adds an option to disable (passive) keyless entry, So, in order to unlock your vehicle, you need to physically press the unlock button on your fob.

However if you are like me and like this function I would strongly advise that you protect your vehicle keys and this also includes your spare key at your home. If you also have a vehicle that doesn't allow you to disable passive entry then you MUST protect your keys by shielding and blocking their wireless signal.

The way that the criminals use this ‘role jam’ technique is with a device that extends your car key making your car think that the key is right next to your car and subsequently unlocking the vehicle and allowing the criminal to enter the vehicle, start it and drive off.

In order to stop criminals from being able to see the wireless signals from your car key and effectively extend them, you can store your keys in something called an RFID protect pouch.

We have sold many of these to owners of Tesla, Mercedes. BMW, Audi etc, in fact every vehicle that has a wireless key can benefit from these.

The Key Pouches are only £9.99, if you purchase 2 then you can store your spare key in the second one. Highly recommended!

Do NOT leave your key exposed for criminals to steal your car.


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