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Goluk T3 - Dashcam Install Newcastle upon Tyne Tesla Model S

This customer based just North of Newcastle wanted the best quality 1080p recording whilst travelling to ensure safety carrying his family in his 7 seater Tesla Model S P90D.

He was pleased to understand that the Goluk motion detection system also provided addition security and benefits whilst he parked. The car was able to monitor both movement and impact to the vehicle.

Should either happen then both the front and rear Goluk T3 cameras would record a 12 second video clip, 6 seconds before the incident and 6 seconds after.

Motion detection also added to the home security CCTV system and is effectively a "fifth eye" that monitors the customer home.

No visible wires and a discreet install with a glowing testimonial:

"Delighted to have met David Johnson today. Fellow model S owner who has kindly driven up to Ponteland (newcastle) to install front and rear 'GOLUK' cameras for me. I'm really impressed with the crystal clear resolution of these small cameras and the installation is brilliant. You've really got to look just to see a small corner of the front camera when sitting in the drivers seat and the rear is completely hidden from your view. All for around half the price I know many have paid. Can't recommend him enough and many thanks to him!"

Mr Potts - Ponteland

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