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Caught on Camera?

Are you a customer and have had an incident that you wish to share?

Or, are you a prospective customer looking to browse and learn about the benefits of having a dashcam install and look at the video quality?

We would love to hear your story on the footage captured and how having a Dashcam install has helped you, please share and upload here. 

Caught on dashcam

Dashcam disclaimer:

By uploading the clip, you acknowledge that you own the clip or own the rights to all clips submitted to 'Dashcams Limited'. By submitting my clips to 'Dashcams Limited' you give rights for the clip to be used by 'Dashcams Limited' - This grants a perpetual, non-revocable, non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) for 'Dashcams Limited' to use, display, promote and modify my content for use on YouTube and other Social Media sites.

By clicking "Send" you acknowledge that all clips you submit are of your OWN work.

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