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We take great pride in providing excellent customer support, no matter how small the request. We are able to provide one to one assistance and are continuously adding to the frequently asked questions section to enable a smoother customer experience.

If you have something that isn't covered in the list below, please do let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have issues, please run through all of the questions as your issue could be related.

** Please note that closing ALL background apps + rebooting your phone, normally fixes 99% of issues on all Dashcam Makes/Models **

You have invested in a Dashcam installation in your vehicle and it is important that you also invest time into ensure regular "house keeping" is performed.

It is very important that you use reputable Dashcam memory when you purchase a replacement card.

Please ensure that the memory is a high endurance card for Dashcam use and also can write at the speed of 1080p or 4k (depending on which dashcam you have). If in doubt please contact us.

Even though the majority of Dashcams are "format free" you should be connecting to the camera and formatting the memory cards at least once every 2 months, preferably every month.

All dash cams require maintenance at some point

Standard / Regular maintenance:

•    ⁠Checking for broken/missing files every 30-45 days.
•    ⁠Formatting Micro SD card every 30-45 days. - In the dash cam.
•    ⁠Checking/Updating firmware every 30-45 days.
•    ⁠Checking overall dash cam operation every 30-45 days.

Enhanced / long term maintenance

•    ⁠Formatting Micro SD card every 6 months. - In a Pc/Mac.
•    Replacing the Micro SD card every 12 to 18 months

Regular maintenance is recommended, it detects Micro SD card failures, Dash cam failures, and Capacitor failures.

Capacitor / backup battery failures are common, and will result in the last file being corrupted, or missing. It is easy to detect if you do regular maintenance.

There are several different factors that limit Dashcam Wifi reliability and effectiveness. 

Some are your cellphone itself. Cellphones will auto disconnect from WiFis that are unable to connect to the internet. The most common work around is to go into airplane mode, then enable WiFi, with Airplane mode still on. 

You also have full warranty support direct with the manufacturer normally for 1 year from purchase. 

You can contact Goluk direct by emailing

Blackvue Support can be contacted by emailing

GNET Support can be contacted by emailing 

User Manuals / Support


To update the firmware on Goluk Dashcam, download the relevant file above. Unplug the dashcam. Place the camera memory card into your mac/pc and extract the file to the memory card. Put the card back in the dashcam, plug the dashcam back in and switch on your vehicle. Wait 5 minutes and the dashcam will update the firmware and reboot. DO NOT TURN YOUR VEHICLE OFF OR POWER OFF THE DASHCAM - *we cannot be held responsible for any update failures.