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What is a vehicle tracker?

Trackers are hard wired and hidden in a car. This allows the tracker company & police to track your car if stolen. This can also reduce your insurance premiums and in some cases pay for themselves.

Thatcham Research is an industry accredited body, that run extensive tests and provide accreditations accordingly. The 2 standards in Thatcham trackers are Category S5 and S7.

Thatcham Smartrack S5 and S7 Tracker are available for mobile installation throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties by ourselves and we also have access to over 1000 mobile technicians that are accredited to install Thatcham approved Trackers throughout the UK.

We can offer great discounts when you choose to protect your vehicle with a Thatcham Tracker and Dashcam system, please contact us with your requirements.

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Thatcham Tracker Categories

In the event of a confirmed theft the vehicle owner is required to report the theft to the Police, obtain a crime reference number and pass this to the tracking company who will then use it to liaise with the appropriate Police force and guide officers in to the vehicle's location.  

  • Thatcham Approved Category S5 and S7 Smartrack Tracker.

  • Automatic Driver Recognition System by way of D-ID (Mobile phone App)

  • Securely monitored 24 hours per day by a dedicated control centre

  • Uses secure Smartphone App for driver verification meaning no Tags to carry. 

  • Battery Status Alerts  

  • Low Vehicle Battery sends SMS Text  

  • Vehicle Battery Disconnection Alert - You will be contacted by the monitoring staff 

  • Tow Away Alert - Movement of the vehicle without the engine running will automatically generate an alert

  • Smartrack S5 and S7 Can be removed and refit to your new vehicle

  • Small and Compact unit with internal aerials 

  • Approved for all vehicles 

  • Standard 36 Month Warranty

  • Optional Remote Immobilisation facility allows the vehicle to be remotely immobilised upon Police request.

  • Personal Online Account - Allows full journey reporting of the vehicle which can be useful for business and private mileage reports

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✓ Great value for this state of the art tracking system. 
✓ Thatcham Category S5 or S7
✓ Approved by all Insurance companies. 
✓ Uses Automatic Driver Recognition by secure Smartphone App. 
✓ GPS & GSM vehicle position throughout Europe.
✓ Optional Remote Engine immobilisation facility.
✓ FREE Smartphone App. 
✓ Suitable for Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Trucks and Fleets

Your vehicle is live tracked as soon as we give you your keys back on completion of the installation. Payment for subscription is not required until you are contacted by Smartrack either by phone or email for payment.

Once the payment is made, Smartrack will email you your Welcome Pack along with your official certificate of installation for your insurer. 

Trident Cat 6 S7 Tracker installer

The SmarTrack Trident fully Installed price at your location is 


3 x flexible subscription options:

1. Direct Debit monthly payment from £12.49 

2. Annual Payment £149 (2 years £249, 3 years £339) 

3. Duration Ownership one off payment £499

(great if you keep your vehicle 3+years)

SmarTrack S5 Tracker installer

The SmarTrack S5 D-ID fully Installed price at your location is


3 x flexible subscription options:

1. Direct Debit monthly payment from £13.49 

2. Annual Payment £159 (2 years £269, 3 years £369) 

3. Duration Ownership one off payment £599

(great if you keep your vehicle 3+years)

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