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Goluk T3 - Twin Dashcam Install Somerset Tesla Model S

After having a Blackvue Dashcam previously in another Tesla Model S, this customer in Somerset had very specific requirements for his Tesla Model S P85D.

1) The Dashcam must be reliable, and when video is required, be assured that it will be there and that you will be able to retrieve the footage from a stable and reliable phone/tablet App.

2) Recording Quality. Both the front and rear cameras must be true 1080p with a high bitrate as the previous rear Blackvue 650s Camera was only 720p with an average bitrate of less than 7Mbs resulting in a degraded quality picture when trying to read registrations of vehicles in motion.

3) Wifi connectivity with Parking Motion detection. The parking motion on the Blackvue was so sensitive that it ended up filling the memory card with lots of unnecessary footage.

Two Goluk T3 camera's were installed, one in the front and one in the rear. As the Goluk has a Panasonic 1/3-inch 2.1Mp/Full HD digital image sensor, the image quality of the recording through the rear window was exceptional, even with the window tints that were installed.

The T3 camera's have a high bitrate of 12Mbs ensuring the best 1080p quality and with a finely tuned parking motion detection algorithm, only the important and relevant footage is recorded ensuring efficient use of the supplied 16gb memory card.

No visible wires and a discreet stealth install with a great testimonial:

"A massive THANK YOU to David Johnson of Shield-IT for driving down to me in Sunny Somerset today to fit a pair of Goluk T3 DashCams. David completed a very tidy installation and comprehensive hand over, but it's a little soon for me to give a recommendation (apart from the fact that I've 'paid-me-money' and am feeling pleased;-)) about the equipment but all the early trials and App functions are very promising.

Plus you couldn't wish to meet a nicer man!

Thanks David"

Mr Lloyd - Somerset

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