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Goluk T1 - Single Dashcam Install Doncaster Range Rover Vogue SE

Goluk T1 installed into a Range Rover Vogue SE with the additional battery monitor to ensure that the Range Rover's battery maintained plenty of power whilst it protected the vehicle's surrounding utilising the Parking Motion functionality.

The Goluk T1 comes with a fully wireless remote button to capture 12 second clips and store them into another part of the micro SD memory card.

The T1 like the T3 sections out the SD Memory automatically so you don't have to worry about the card filling up or how the video files are stored. Rest assured when you need to access the files, you can do so by connecting your tablet or smart phone to the Goluk's wifi hotspot and retrieve or share them using the Goluk app. You can also remove the micro SD card and this can be read directly on an Apple Mac or Windows pc using a micro SD adaptor. On the included 16gb memory card, there are 3 separate folders, one stores the continual loop recording whilst driving and this overwrites itself after a certain period. The second folder stores video clips when you press the button and the third folder stores urgent files should your vehicle be involved in an accident or the parked motion sensor be triggered by someone or something walking past your car.

Practically hidden from the driver's view, the T1 camera is mounted in a high position to give great visibility and all wires were hidden making the install look like it was OEM.

We are able to install Goluk Dashcam's anywhere the UK at local prices.

please contact us for more information.

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