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Single Dashcam Install Goluk T1 - VW T6

People may have a certain perception of white van's however businesses can be victim's of many "crash for cash" schemes that results in insurance premiums rocketing through the roof when it may not have been the drivers fault at all.

Protect your fleet of vans, both whilst on the road and also whilst they are parked with full motion security recording should your van be damaged or broken in to. Should you have any incident simply provide your insurance company with the required footage to help them protect your business premiums.

A Goluk T1 was installed into this Fleet vehicle along with a wireless remote button to capture extra footage when required.

A vehicle battery monitor was also installed to enable parking security mode activated 24/7 whilst parked.

The video footage can be accessed with an iphone/Android app after connecting to the Dashcam's wireless hotspot and any footage required can easily be downloaded to the mobile phone/tablet or even shared to social media.

Discrete install, no visible cables, the T1 camera was mounted in a high position to give great visibility.

High resolution recording with triggered motion sense recording when parked.

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