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Goluk Twin Dashcam install at a Supercharger location - Tesla Model S

Always on the move?

Don't have much spare time?

We can meet you at a charging location and install high quality Goluk Dash camera's while you charge at a Tesla Supercharger. Normally installed within 1.5hrs.

Thats exactly what we did for this customer on the M6 at Charnock Richard Services in a Tesla Model S.

A Goluk high resolution 12Mbps T1 was installed into the front and a high resolution 12Mbps T3 into the rear.

A full stealth install, mounting both dash camera's using existing trim within the Tesla. Resulting in a nice clean install with no visible sticky pads on glass.

A similar install was done on the rear T3 camera by mounting it on the underside of the rear window trim so again no unsightly sticky tape can be seen.

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