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Range Rover Evoque - Goluk T1 Dashcam install - Lincolnshire

A Goluk T1 High Resolution - High Bitrate camera was installed into this stunning Range Rover Evoque.

Mounted and secured using an M3 hex bolt on the existing cowl behind the rear mirror without any modification to the original trim resulted in a great OEM look.

The T1 records in a continuous loop and the memory card sections space automatically so you never miss any important footage. The "Wonderfull mode" remote push button was adhered to the headliner trim to enable instant separate 12 second clips that can be shared to social media at the push of a button.

Having no CCTV at the owners home, he was delighted that his Range Rover Goluk Dashcam could actually record footage should anyone tamper with his work vehicle or intrude near his home. When motion is detected, the Dashcam records video in 16 second clips, 8 seconds prior to motion being detected and 8 seconds after. This continues whilst motion is being detected.

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