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Goluk T1 & T3 - Front & Rear Dashcam Install Tesla Model S - Chesterfield Derbyshire

Latest Goluk Dashcam install into another Tesla Model S.

Two high resolution camera's were installed, both with parking mode recording enabled.

With the included 16gb micro SD card for each camera, Loop recording allows approximately 2 to 3 hours of constant recording whilst driving with the Goluk camera's automatically managing separate folders for motion and accident recording with their own space on the memory card.

When the camera's are installed you can simply forget about them until you need the footage, or use them with the included remote button to capture additional 12 second "action" footage to then instantly share via the Goluk app to social media using your iPhone or android device.

The T3 camera's have a high bitrate of 12Mbs ensuring the best 1080p quality and with a finely tuned parking motion detection algorithm, only the important and relevant footage is recorded ensuring efficient use of the supplied 16gb memory card.

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