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Dashcam install - Leeds Tesla Supercharger - Goluk T1 T3

A bespoke installation at the Leeds Tesla Supercharger of a dual T1 T3 Goluk Dashcam system.

Parking mode recording 24/7, records any motion or physical knocks to the vehicle whilst parked.

Loop video recording permanently whilst driving.

Full memory card management on both the front T1 and rear T3 camera's, once installed no need to worry about management of data, it is all done for you.

Fully integrated to your Android or iPhone or even a tablet by connecting to the local wifi of each camera.

Also includes remote button recording for those extra moments you wish to capture in glorious full 1080p with high 12mbps recording.

Camera housing mounted to internal cowls with 3mm cap head bolt for that OEM look.

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