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Dashcam install Mercedes A Class Goluk T1 & T3 - Sheffield Yorkshire

High quality parking security was required for this Mercedes Benz A Class with the owner parking in Central London on a regular basis.

A battery monitor was installed along with Front T1 64gb and rear T3 16gb Goluk cameras making a total storage space of 80gb total capacity.

The Front T1 camera was securely mounted using hex bolts to the plastic cowl behind the rear view mirror to give an exceptional OEM look.

The A Class has blacked out rear tinted windows and the camera works flawlessly through this due to the specifications of the T3's specification:

  • Panasonic 1/3-inch 2.1Mp/Full HD digital image sensor

  • FHD 1080p 30fps

  • microSD (maximum 128gb)

  • H.264 MP4/JPG @ up to 12Mbps

No visible wires and yet another discreet stealth install.

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