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Blackvue 650s De-Installation Tesla Model S upgrade to Twin Goluk T1 Cameras - Sheffield Yorkshire

The Blackview 650S appears to have been the market leader for a number of years however after only having one installed less than

a year, this owner of a new Tesla Model S decided to have his removed and replaced with a higher quality Goluk T1 in the front and T1 in the rear as he wasn't happy with the quality of the footage.

Upon removal of the vehicle trims, it was apparent that this had not been installed to a satisfactory standard and this is why you must ensure that a Dashcam system is installed professionally.

The 3 cables (power, front and rear cameras) had been "installed" in such a way that they lay loosely next to the drivers pillar airbag and the rear camera cable had been laid alongside the rear passenger curtain airbags which could be dangerous.

Should the airbags attempt to be deployed, the cable could be ejected into the cabin where passengers are seated or even restrict and stop the airbags from deployed at all.

The Blackvue 650s had also been "hardwired" into the Tesla by cutting/tapping in to existing power cables under the drivers footwell, effectively tampering with the Tesla wiring loom.

Here at we ensure that all wiring to Dash camera's are routed securely behind airbags and their activation routes and/or along existing vehicle wiring looms to avoid them potentially restricting the airbag function.

We also do not cut into vehicle looms. If other installers claim to have "100% Damage free installation" and "Does not affect vehicle warranty" - challenge these statements, ask how they get the power to the dash cams and where they take it from. A 100% "non invasive" installation would be either by using a 12 volt port or a piggyback fuse kit.

An installation into a Tesla Model S takes approximately 1.5hrs.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming direct comparison of the Blackvue and Goluk systems.

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