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Dashcam Install Tesla Model S - Goluk T1 & T3 - Stevenage - Herts

This customer's enthusiasm in "Tech" was overwhelming and he thought he had exhausted his search for the Dashcam that matched his specific requirements for his Tesla Model S. He had also booked another installer to install a Blackvue 650s in 4 days time!

Until he saw the quality of the Goluk recordings and the stealth install "Original Vehicle Manufacture look".

With exceptional level of detail and the ability to read car number plates on both front and rear cameras, he cancelled the Blackvue install and duly booked Shield-IT to install a Goluk T1 and T3.

He was very satisfied with the professional install and also the quality of the recording along with ease of use and speed of the app and video downloads. The install comes with excellent aftercare support from Shield-IT and Goluk.

An installation into a Tesla Model S takes approximately 1.5hrs.

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