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Tesla Model S Dashcam Install Leicester - Goluk T1 & T3

Not long after taking delivery of his new Tesla Model S and having a road rage incident in a previous vehicle this owner knew how important it was to have front and rear dash cams.

Also the importance of good quality recordings with clear footage and a good stable fast phone app to be able to download the footage to.

After looking at the new Thinkware F800 and the Blackvue 750, a Goluk installation was chosen.

A Goluk T1 32gb and T3 32gb was hardwired into the Tesla with no visible wires.

A power switch was also installed to allow the cameras to be powered down whilst with the Tesla service centre.

Parking motion detection gives protection whilst parked with the T1 covering a wide 152 degree FOV (field of view) and the T3 covering 140 degrees.

Continuous loop recording whilst driving with 3 minute video clips and also a remote button to capture and store anything you wish whilst driving.

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