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Tesla Dashcam Installer Wales - Goluk T1 & T3

This customer was extremely meticulous and knowledgeable in vehicle paint protection and his requirements certainly extended into camera protection for his Tesla Model S.

Other leading Dashcam brands such as Thinkware, Blackvue and Nextbase were fully investigated.

He knew his exact requirements and a dual camera system supplied by Shield-IT in the form of a Goluk T1 and T3 ticked all the boxes.

A Goluk T1 32gb and T3 16gb was hardwired into the Tesla with no visible wires. A power switch was also installed in the drivers footwell to allow the cameras to be powered down whilst with the Tesla service centre.

Parking motion detection, continuous loop recording in 3 minute clips and a remote button to snapshot any extra footage was all provided as standard.

J Lewis (Google Review)

8 hours ago


A fair amount of research went into the purchase of a Goluk T1 and T3 camera system for my Tesla Model S; image quality, installation quality and value for money were the highest of my desires. Fortunately, being a member of the Tesla Owners Group afforded me knowledge of the various options available and the Goluk system quickly established itself, to me, as the best 'bang' for the 'buck'. Again, fortunately for me, the group had a recommended installer in David Johnson of Shield IT (a member and fellow Tesla owner). His replies to all my email enquiries were extremely rapid (usually within the hour). This was a big 'tick in the box' for me as I have found that the best service usually goes hand in hand with the best communication. David arrived promptly and installed both cameras within an hour and a half. The installation was incredibly neat (no cables on show apart from the required inch or so of a power lead into each camera) and barely visible from either the front or rear. Image quality is of a very high quality (1080P) and the system is simple to use from a smartphone. Additionally, the videos can be loaded onto a computer via the supplied 32gb SD card. As a product, it functions exactly as I expected/wanted and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. An added bonus was that David is a particularly likeable chap, very courteous, genuinely friendly and a pleasure to have in my home. In short, I concur with the other 5 star reviewers - this is a 5 star product for the price and is supplied by a 5 star installer/company. As and when I require such a service again, I will employ Shield IT. Totally recommended.

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