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Tesla Dashcam Install Model S - Derby Derbyshire

CCTV recording at the front of the house triggered by motion detection to capture people on the property of your home?

This install of dash cams provides 24/7 mobile CCTV including protection whilst you are driving in your car against potential "crash for cash" claims.

Stealth Goluk T1 & T3 Front and rear 1080p Wifi Dashcam installed into a Full Electric Tesla Model S in Derby. Hardwired with no visible wires and a power switch in the drivers footwell for them to be powered off by Tesla when in service.

G Sensor knock, Motion detection and "wonderful" remote action button ensures that all required footage is recorded in excellent full 1080p quality with the highest bitrate.

Should an incident occur, not only will you be able to identify the other vehicle, you will see their registration plate with ease using the Goluk app on your Tablet, iPhone or Android device.

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