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Volvo XC90 Dashcam Install Front and Rear - Hampstead Heath London

Narrow streets meant this owner kept returning to his car with bumps scrapes and even a missing wing mirror!

After installing twin Goluk T1 and T3 Camera's His Volvo is now able to capture future incidents on the 128gb micro SD card in the front T1 camera and the 128gb card installed in the rear camera, both recording at 1080p high resolution with high bitrate quality.

This will give days/weeks worth of footage and when the memory cards get full, they auto manage themselves by overwriting old footage.

Driving loop mode and also a remote button for extra recording captures is all standard.

This install of dash cams provides 24/7 mobile CCTV including protection whilst you are driving in your car against potential "crash for cash" claims.

Hardwired with no visible wires makes this a worthy investment for any Volvo owner!

You can also have your insurance premiums reduced by up to 10%.

Should an incident occur, not only will you be able to identify the other vehicle, you will see their registration plate with ease using the Goluk app on your Tablet, iPhone or Android device connected to each of the Goluk cameras using local Wi-fi.

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