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Tesla Model X Dashcam Install - Croydon London

Another stealth 1080p Goluk T1 and T3 Dashcam installed into a Tesla UK Owners Club member's Model X in Croydon.


Shield-IT colour code both the front T1 camera Satin black and the rear T3 also completely Satin Black.

Both cameras are totally hidden from the drivers view with audio notifications being clear and concise letting you know that you are covered against other drivers should an incident occur.

Footage is recorded and locked on the micro sd memory card for easy fast retrieval via wifi to your smart phone or tablet.

Up to 128gb memory can be used in both camera's giving you a staggering 256gb total video recording ability.

G Sensor knock, Motion detection and "wonderful" remote action button ensures that all required footage is recorded in excellent full 1080p quality with the highest bitrate.

An excellent addition to compliment your home CCTV system by having motion detection recording from your vehicle.

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