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Car Dashcam Install - Tesla Model S Ascot Berkshire

If you are looking at installing a dashcam, you need to ensure that you choose the best into the market for your budget whilst also ensuring that your budget does make economical sense.

You dont want to install a dashcam or have a dashcam installed to later find out it has failed to record or that the recording quality does not help you in an insurance claim.


At Shield-IT we have tested various market leading dashcams and still today, the Goluk T range have the highest bitrate recording (12mbps) when compared to other leading brands such as Blackvue and Thinkware at 9 and 9.5mbps. This is because Goluk focus on placing themselves firmly above other dashcams on the market and just below GoPro.

The higher bitrate ensures that as much video information is recorded to the memory card as possible and that results in clear quality video.

Footage is recorded and locked on the micro sd memory card for easy fast retrieval via wifi to your smart phone or tablet.

Up to 128gb memory can be used in both camera's giving you a staggering 256gb total video recording ability.

We ensure the Goluk T series dashcam's are installed with no visible wires and also avoiding adhering the dashcam to the windscreen.

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