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Tesla Dashcam Install Bristol - Goluk T1 T3

When we install Goluk Hi Resolution Dash Camera's we ensure that they look aesthetically pleasing and blend in to the vehicle trim. This involves us not only manufacturing specific wiring looms for the different vehicles prior to installation but also change the colour of the camera's. We then adapt and modify the camera mounts to form them in such a way to then mount to internal trims and not the glass like other dashcam's.

This results in a stealth professional install that matches the quality of the video image of the T series Goluk cameras.

This Tesla Model S in Bristol had the Goluk T1 and Goluk T3 camera's installed in the front and rear.

Permanently monitoring the surroundings of the Tesla and recording motion of objects that may pass whilst parked up.

Urgent incidents are captured whilst driving and loop mode recording captures 3 minute clips.

A separate remote button is also provided for you to capture extra "action" as you drive if required.

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