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Why choose us?

From choosing the optimal Dashcam configuration for your vehicle to installing and then handing over control, we ensure you have the best product and service according to your budget.

We don't simply pick Dashcams off the shelf, open the box then stick them to your glass and hide the wires, anyone can do that!

We prepare specific camera's for both the front and rear of your vehicle and make wiring looms prior to attending the install.

We remanufacture cables and camera mounts according to the vehicle the cameras are being installed in to ensure a discrete and professional install.

Preparing the camera's by configuring and setting them up to ensure an efficient install on the day.

In 99% of out installs we do not stick camera's to glass.

Cables and looms are installed alongside your existing vehicle looms and airbag locations are fully respected and avoided.

We do not chop or cut into your vehicles existing wiring, ensuring vehicle warranty is not compromised. Likewise, power cables are routed through your vehicles existing rubber grommets, we do not pierce or make holes in these.

Goluk Professional Full HD Dashcam install

Wires? What wires, you won't see them. A stealth and professional install is key, its what we do.

Where we can (the majority of the time) you won't see the camera install from the drivers seat and from the outside, it almost looks like it was factory fitted.

We treat your vehicle as if it were our own.

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