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I-Pace Dashcam installer

The Jaguar i-Pace is another new Electric Vehicle to the UK market and the build quality is great!

Picking a reputable installer was top of this customer's list along with a discrete installation with small cameras and fast access to footage should it be needed.

Front and Rear Goluk Dashcams were installed due to their excellent recording quality, fast wifi app access and parking mode settings. A Power Magic device was also installed due to how the i-Pace flagged up potential 12 volt battery drain whilst parked.

As in other JLR vehicles, the rear glass is bonded in such a way this may restrict installers from mounting the rear camera in an optimum position. We have seen other installations have the rear camera mounted to the roof trim however this gives you a very restricted "portal" view. The Goluk camera was mounted in a prime position on this i-pace.

Having a Power monitoring device, this safely powered off the camera's to ensure the i-Pace was happy with the Dashcams running whilst parked.

The Goluk camera is able to record simultaneous video streams (up to 3) for both the front AND rear camera (no other system currently does this). You even have a separate wireless emergency button to record a 12 second video stream (6 seconds before and 6 seconds after the button is pressed).

When we install Dashcam systems into vehicles, it is important to understand how the vehicle replenishes its 12 volt battery. In vehicles that have petrol and diesel engines this is normally done by a device called the alternator. Whilst your vehicle is powered on, it is using electric from the alternator and the 12 volt battery. However when the car is parked the 12 volt battery runs down (slowly). If you don't use your vehicle for a week or two, the battery may drop down so much that your vehicle might not have enough power to start the engine.

When you have Dashcam's installed, these don't really have any impact on the vehicle battery whilst driving. But if you also opt for the parking mode security whereby the cameras are monitoring the vehicle surroundings and recording any incidents whilst parked, this will have an impact on the 12 volt battery.

So, this is why on most vehicles a battery monitor is required.

This monitor powers off the Dashcam system after a few hours to ensure that your 12 volt battery maintains enough power to start your car again.

It is important for installers to fully understand how the car battery is recharged as some new Electric vehicles do not require a monitor due to the vehicle monitoring the 12 volt battery and recharging it as and when.

A number of new Electric vehicles only recharge the 12 volt system when the main vehicle lithium pack is being recharged by a Type 2 connector on the wall.

Tesla 12 volt battery analysis

We analyse how different vehicles have different charging methods to ensure the Dashcam is installed the correct way.

We have over 30 years experience in the electronics industry and also installed into thousands of vehicles, treating each one as if it were our own. We are pioneers in our installation methods and we take out the stress of you choosing the Dashcam and only recommend the best whilst we continually review other products on the market.

Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete installs.

  • 24/7 CCTV around your car with 2 video stream recording functions at the same time*

  • 24/7 CCTV around your home/car location*

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 15% discount on car insurance

  • High definition clear recordings

  • Ultra Wide 152 degrees Field of View on both cameras

  • Number plate recognition on review

  • Automatic separate "incident" recordings

  • Parking Motion Recording

  • Parking G-Sensor Recording

  • Local wifi hotspot with excellent fast Android / iphone app to download footage

  • MicroSD card upgradeable

  • View footage on pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

  • * up to 24/7 dependant on the vehicle battery monitor cut out setting & usage of your vehicle

Allow us to install a professional camera system that will protect your vehicle. We take out all the work required in sourcing out the best camera systems.

We only stock and install systems that we approve of, we wont bombard you with a myriad of different camera makes and models.

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