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Dashcam installation near me

We installed a front HD dashcam to this stunning Mercedes E Class Coupe in North Yorkshire.

Professionally hard wired with no visible cables, giving that "factory look" along with the ability to monitor around the car and record whilst parked.

Having a dashcam professionally installed means you have no dangling wires anywhere and can use your existing cigarette power socket for your other gadgets.

Investing in dashcams have proven to be invaluable and provide that protection and comfort when driving or parking your pride and joy.

When you come to sell your car or give it back to the lease company, you can opt to sell them with the car or have us come back to remove them and re install them into your next vehicle.

The cameras change recording modes automatically and constantly whilst driving/parked. Any impact or sudden motion change whilst driving will initiate separate 'urgent' video clips to enable effortless download to your smartphone in seconds.

Unrivalled parking mode protection that includes motion and impact detection is a built in feature of this dash cam system.

Dashcam installer
Dashcam installer

We install at your home or work location for convenience and our work ethic and quality are very consistent, we do not use contractors nor have multiple staff to train.

Mercedes dashcam installer

Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete dashcam installs.

Our best selling dashcam sports the following features:

✔︎ Automatic separate "incident" recordings

✔︎ Driving Loop recording up to 60fps

✔︎ Parking Recording 1fps

✔︎ Parking G-Sensor (impact) Recording 15fps

✔︎ Parking Motion Recording 15fps

✔︎ wifi hotspot with fast downloadable footage

✔︎ up to 500gb storage with micro sd memory

✔︎ View footage on IOS / ANDROID app

✔︎ View footage on pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

✔︎ Cloud Recording (with optional hardware)

✔︎ Cloud - Live Streaming, Live GPS tracking, Statistics, Geo-Fence

✔︎ ADAS (safe driving assistance system)

✔︎ H.265 video recording (up to 2 times higher than H.264)

✔︎ Real HDR video

✔︎ Ultra wide viewing angle (160deg & 150 deg)

✔︎ High Temperature running ability (85 deg c) with added protection

✔︎ PC/Mac App with vehicle data and location recording

✔︎ JDR data - Automatic data recovery and self format (unique to GNET)

Dash cam installation near me
Dash cam installation near me

  • Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete installs.

  • up to 24/7 CCTV around your car*

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 20% discount on car insurance

* recording time may vary depending on vehicle usage and the battery monitor will power the camera's down at a safe level of 12 or 12.5 volts. if you leave your vehicle for long periods of time and/or wish to have longer parking recording then we advise extra battery units to be installed by ourselves.

WeFit your dashcam into your car

Why pick us?

WeFit your dash cam into your car
WeFit your dash cam into your car

We have installed Dashcams, Trackers and Ghost immobilisers to thousands of prestige vehicles.

We understand the various fitments of vehicle trim & how to carefully remove and refit.

We have seen installs from companies including high street retailers that we would certainly question like the one to the left and the one below:

We'll hardwire your dashcam from £35
We'll hardwire your dashcam from £35

We won't hardwire your dashcam from £35, others might if you drive to them and allow them at your car but be aware, they won't be installed to the same high standard.

We will install cameras professionally and at your location for convenience.

Professionally installed dash cam
Professionally installed dash cam

Allow us to install a professional camera system that will protect your vehicle. We take out all the work required in sourcing out the best camera systems. We only stock and install systems that we approve of, we wont bombard you with a myriad of different camera makes and models.

Dont wait until its too late, get yourself and your vehicle protected.


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