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DIY Dashcam fitting, Yes! do it yourself!

We have had an increase in sales of our popular Goluk T3 Dashcam and various hardwire kits.

Helping customers with their choices on installation methods, quite a few have taken to installing cameras themselves mainly due to us being able to manufacture our own OBD kits.

The Goluk T3 Dashcam comes complete with everything to get you up and running in minutes by simply plugging in the supplied cigarette power plug and then running the power cable along the edge of the windscreen and to the preferred location behind the rear view mirror, where you stick the dashcam windscreen mount.

The great thing about the Goluk T3 is that it does not have an LCD screen to distract you from driving (its actually illegal to have the screen on and in view whilst the vehicle is in motion).

The other benefit is that the dashcam is small and inconspicuous and blends in with your vehicle interior and you can even purchase a Goluk Powerbank to run the camera outside of your car, on walks, on your pushbike etc! (no unsightly big cameras waving around your windscreen!).

Should you change your car, simply unplug and use the spare sticky pads in your new car.

To setup the camera, simply download the Goluk App to your Android or iPhone, connect to the dashcam wifi hotpsot, then open the Goluk App.

It really is that simple!

Goluk Powerbank allows you to go totally wire free! (available separately)

We have 2 different kits available depending on how you wish to install the camera.

The Goluk T3 Dashcam comes with everything you need to plug into a USB power supply and even has the USB cigarette adaptor.


Kit 1 includes an OBD adaptor, our best selling "plug & play" self fitting kit.

The OBD (On Board Diagnostic port) is a socket that Service Centres and Garages use when your vehicle is in for a service. This socket is able to provide power to be able to run a front and rear camera safely and is normally located in the drivers side footwell.

Simply plug in our OBD kit and this will provide power to your dashcams and then power them down safely when your vehicle battery drops to around 12.3 volts.

This allows you to make use of the Dashcam parking mode so the cameras will record whilst your car is parked.

Although the cameras don't really consume much power, your vehicle electronics may do so the cameras automatically power down at a safe level. Simple plug and play fitting!

OBD location examples


Kit 2 consists of a dedicated hardwire box and is for the more adventurous!

Our second kit requires more knowledge as this requires 3 wires connecting into your fuse box.

The RED wire is crimped onto a fusetap (we will provide this for you to be able to pull a fuse out of your fusebox and then put that fuse into this fusetap and then place the fusetap back into its place). A permanent 12 volt feed is needed and normally indicated in your vehicle manual (people tend to use the central locking fuse). The YELLOW wire can be wrapped around the leg of a switched 12 volt feed, this is normally your cigarette socket outlet as this is normally only powered on when your ignition is on. The final BLACK wire needs attaching to your vehicle ground. Normally there will be a screw or a bolt near the fusebox you can remove and then attach the wire to that.

Please note, we will assist where we can but Kit 2 really should only be attempted by someone that is competent with car electronics/fuses. If you aren't sure, then Kit 1 is for you.

Plug in "Fuse taps" on hardwire kit


We have discounted the kits accordingly and currently have good stock, we also process orders on a daily basis.

Always wanted a dashcam and fancied fitting your own? Here is your perfect opportunity :)

You made it to the end?..... how about a 10% OFF code for any of the kits above?

Just use "LOCKDOWN" in your basket, there aren't many codes so be quick!


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