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Ford S-Max Dashcam install in Lincolnshire

Ford S-Max dashcam
Ford S-Max dashcam

Front & rear Goluk dashcams were installed to this Ford S-Max in Lincolnshire.

All cables securely hidden with the dashcams having low voltage protection cut off with our very own designed Tornado hardwire kits. Specially designed for UK vehicles with timers and cut off protection to ensure your 12 volt auxiliary battery is protected, whether it is a sealed lead acid battery or a more advanced lithium-ion battery. If you use other cheap kits you risk your vehicle battery going dead as the voltage cut off levels are too low.

Alexa in car

Alexa in car
Alexa in car

We also obliged by hardwiring in this Alexa device for the customer.

The dashcams that we supply & install have many unique selling points. BLACKVUE, GNET and GOLUK have ongoing support and firmware updates and companies have manufactured some of the best leading dash cams with years of knowledge and experience.

They will always be at the next level with regards to image quality, camera aesthetics and app functionality.

For this Ford S-Max, the latest Goluk T2s dashcam was selected for both the front and rear aspects due to its incredible Quad HD high resolution and great recording ability.

This means that a 2.5k 1600p HEVC video is recorded giving 152 degrees at the front of the car and also 2.5k 1600p 152 degrees at the rear.

Most other dash cameras share the main camera to process and record the video of both the front and rear camera (2CH / 2 Channel). The result is a potentially high resolution on the front but only a 1080p resolution on the rear and when you start to change the video quality on these cameras, you may find that although the front camera quality may increase slightly, this might be at the detriment to the rear recording quality. Not with Goluk, you are effectively getting a front camera at 1600p resolution in both the front and rear.

This is why some customers prefer the Goluk T2s so they can benefit from their small discrete size and also enjoy the high 2.5k quality per camera along with its wireless remote for capturing those "extra" clips. The Goluk T2s also has the ability to record multiple video streams at the same time. It's one of the favoured discrete cameras that you struggle to even notice in your vehicle. We have been working closely with the App development team at Goluk and in the past 6 months alone there have been 6 app updates showing their dedication in streamlining the app and ironing out any bugs.

Ford dashcam installer
Ford dashcam installer

S-Max dashcam installer

Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete dashcam installs.

Our best selling dashcams offer a selection of following features:

✔︎ Automatic separate "incident" recordings

✔︎ Driving Loop recording up to 60fps

✔︎ Parking Recording 1fps

✔︎ Parking G-Sensor (impact) Recording 15fps

✔︎ Parking Motion Recording 15fps

✔︎ wifi hotspot with fast downloadable footage

✔︎ up to 500gb storage with micro SD memory

✔︎ View footage on IOS / ANDROID app

✔︎ View footage on Pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

✔︎ Cloud Recording (with optional data plan)

✔︎ Cloud - Live Streaming, Live GPS tracking, Statistics, Geo-Fence

✔︎ ADAS (safe driving assistance system)

✔︎ H.265 video recording (up to 2 times higher than H.264)

✔︎ Real HDR video

✔︎ Ultra wide viewing angle (160deg & 150 deg)

✔︎ High Temperature running ability (85 deg c) with added protection

✔︎ PC/Mac App with vehicle data and location recording

✔︎ JDR data - Automatic data recovery and self format (unique to GNET)

  • Professional, unobtrusive discrete installs.

  • up to 24/7 CCTV around your car*

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 20% discount on car insurance

* recording time may vary depending on vehicle usage and the battery monitor will power the camera's down at a safe level of 12 or 12.5 volts. if you leave your vehicle for long periods of time and/or wish to have longer parking recording then we advise extra battery units to be installed by ourselves.

We can install a professional camera system that will protect your vehicle and its surroundings. We take out all the work required in sourcing out the best camera systems. We only stock and install dashcams that we approve of, we wont bombard you with a myriad of different camera makes and models.

Don't wait until its too late, get yourself and your vehicle protected.


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