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GNET G-ON easy fit Dashcam kit

We're pleased to announce that we can now supply the popular GNET G-ON and G-ON2 Dashcams in an easy fit OBD kit form.

What does this mean?

Standard 3 wire cable

The standard G-ON dashcam comes with a 3 wire cable for connection to your vehicle 12 volt, 12 volt switched fuse sockets and a ground point.

When you don't have the tools or equipment to be able to identify those fuse connection points, or if your vehicle doesn't have those fuse points then we can configure the camera accordingly and the camera cable will come with an OBD II plug.

OBD socket on car

Most vehicles have an OBD socket and this is normally located in the drivers footwell. This socket may provide data and diagnostic information from your car and it also has a dedicated fused 12 volt feed (normally around 10 to 15 amps) that can provide power for the GNET dashcam. For reference, the GNET camera uses around 350 milli-amps (.3 amp).

GNET OBD easy fit plug

The GNET dashcam enters and exits parking mode by reading the voltage from the 12v switched live feed however, we program the camera so that it enters and exits parking mode by using the built in G-Sensor.

Due to the OBD socket in your car being "live" (always providing 12 volts), you can also fully configure the low voltage cut off protection on the camera using the app (we will do this for you anyway as a matter of course), we will also make sure that the camera gets shipped with the very latest firmware.

We recommend the camera low voltage protect be set at 12volts, so, the camera will provide parking mode, monitoring and recording its surrounding always powered until your vehicle battery drops to around 12 volts. At this point the camera will shut itself down until you start your car, but will then automatically power itself up.

So, for those that are happy to fit and tuck away their own camera wiring but want that "hardwire look" with hidden cables but don't fancy touching the fusebox, then this is the kit for you.

The good news? With car resale values being great at the moment, you might want to remove that Dashcam kit fairly quickly, well this is the easiest way do just exactly that and then simply plug in to your new vehicle.

We have been creating OBD Dashcam solutions for many years to enable easy fit options for customers.

Blackvue and Conecta soon followed suit by creating their own OBD power solution for Blackvue dashcams.


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