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Vauxhall Insignia Mirror Dashcam & reversing camera Install in Hull

We can also install customers own purchased cameras in the following postcode areas: BD, HG, YO, LS, HU, WF, HD, DN, S (If you are a neighbouring county, drop us an email to

The owner of this Insignia purchased a 1080p front & rear Mirror dashcam from Amazon and whilst we have seen many makes and models of Mirror dashcam (with varying quality), we felt this one deserved a mention as the functions and quality were good especially considering the low purchase price.

We hard wired the Mirror dashcam in to the fusebox, adding our own extra fuses for added safety and discretely run the power cables along with running the video cable to

the rear camera along existing channels in the roof liner.

Mirror dashcam

When the vehicle is started, the Mirror-cam springs to life and you can have it set to permanently show the rear view, front view, front and rear view or just have it as a standard mirror.

We liked the fact that you can have the rear view displayed all the time as this gives a much wider field of view when you are driving and effectively allows you to see blind spots that you wouldn't have been able to see before with a standard rear view mirror. The camera also has a built in battery that enables impact parking protection.

The front camera lens is built into the mirror cam and peers through the windscreen from the drivers side. The majority of other mirror cameras have the lens on the left side for left hand drive cars. Whilst this might be *ok*, the lens being on the right gives a much better angle of view.

The owner opted to have the rear camera selected automatically when reverse gear was selected for a small additional cost. This is also a great investment for parents with children when they want to keep an eye on the kids in the back seats, you can have the rearview camera inside the car facing the kids.

your own front and rear dashcam system can be installed at the locations above from just £125+vat and this includes any sundry items such as fuse taps.

Amazon link to the Mirror Dashcam:


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