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Why did we install a Ghost Immobiliser to this Mercedes Benz C43 in Lincolnshire?

Ghost installer Scunthorpe
Ghost installer Scunthorpe

After a failed previous theft attempt (the thieves were startled by the owner!), he wanted to ensure his vehicle had maximum protection. Installing a Ghost immobiliser to a Mercedes Benz C43 offers an essential layer of security, safeguarding the vehicle against sophisticated theft methods. The C43, renowned for its powerful performance and sleek design, often attracts unwanted attention from car thieves. By integrating the Ghost immobiliser, we ensure that only authorised individuals can start the vehicle, utilising a unique code sequence known only to the owner. This advanced security measure not only protects the significant investment in the Mercedes Benz C43 but also provides peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle is fortified against unauthorised access and theft attempts.

Five compelling reasons to install a Ghost immobiliser to a Mercedes Benz:

  1. Advanced Security: Mercedes Benz vehicles, including the C43, are prime targets for car thieves due to their high value and desirability. Installing a Ghost immobiliser adds an extra layer of protection by preventing unauthorised individuals from starting the car, even if they have the keys or attempt to bypass the ignition system.

  2. Sophisticated Theft Prevention: Traditional security measures like alarms and steering wheel locks can be circumvented by experienced thieves. The Ghost immobiliser utilizes cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's electronics, making it extremely difficult for thieves to hot-wire or bypass the ignition system.

  3. Customisable Security Codes: Each Ghost immobiliser is programmed with a unique, secret code sequence chosen by the owner. This personalised code ensures that only authorised individuals can start the car, providing peace of mind in scenarios where traditional keys might be lost or stolen.

  4. Discreet Installation: Unlike bulky steering wheel locks or visible alarm systems, the Ghost immobiliser is discreetly installed within the vehicle's electronics. This means that potential thieves are unaware of its presence, making it significantly harder for them to disable or circumvent the immobiliser.

  5. Preservation of Investment: Mercedes Benz vehicles represent a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. By installing a Ghost immobiliser, owners can protect their investment and reduce the risk of losing their prized vehicle to theft. This added security can also lead to lower insurance premiums, as many insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices.

Ghost 2 immobiliser installer in Lincolnshire

Ghost 2 immobiliser buttons
Ghost 2 immobiliser buttons

✔️ Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU

✔️ Disarm via buttons on steering wheel / dash

✔️ No transmitted radio frequency signals

✔️ Uses the on-board CAN data network

✔️ User changeable disarm sequence

✔️ Service mode, disarm sequence never compromised

✔️ Secure emergency code if disarm sequence forgotten

✔️ Mobile app connect to 2 phones to allow quick disarm

This video shows how the Ghost 2 works in any vehicle

We have over 35 years experience in the electronics industry and have installed tech into thousands of vehicles, treating each one as if it were our own. We are pioneers in our installation methods and we take out the stress of you choosing the Dashcam, Tracker or Immobiliser by only recommending the best whilst we continually review new products coming to market (we’re keen to weed out those duds for you as the vehicle security market is flooded with products).

Ghost immobiliser for Mercedes
Ghost immobiliser for Mercedes

We can install a professional security system that will protect your vehicle and its surroundings. We take out all the work required in sourcing out the best camera systems and deal direct with the manufacturers. We only stock and install products that we approve of, we wont bombard you with a myriad of different camera makes and models.

Don't wait until its too late, get yourself and your vehicle protected today, a professional dashcam, tracker, Ghost immobiliser install can be transferred and used time and time again in your next vehicles.

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