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OBD to USB Tornado Universal Dashcam Hardwire Kit TABM-2 (Easy OBD Self Fit)

OBD to USB twin output


A dual power source to power 2 x seperate Dashcam units. Simple and convenient to install in minutes.

Fit yourself and have a nice hidden "hard wired" solution that will power your dashcams whilst parked and not flatten your car battery. The TABM-2 will inteligently power off your Dashcams when your vehicle battery drops to 12.3volts. 



  • Designed to free up your cigarette lighter socket and supply continuous power to your dash camera via OBD connection. Enables your dashcam to keep working after you have parked the car.
  • Easy and simple self fit, simply locate your OBD socket (normally in the driver or passenger footwell), plug in and connect to your camera (s). Then just tuck your camera cables into your vehicle trim.
  • Unique dual output for power to a front and rear Dashcam.
  • Inteligent Battery saver built in, powers the dashcams down when your vehicle battery drops below 12.3 volts (specifically for the UK market) where other units may not do this until 11.6 volts, at this point your vehicle may not start again.
  • Obtaining power from ODB interface only, no interference in other ODB data communication.
  • 3 meter length cable to Micro USB port and 2.7 meter cable length to Female USB port.
  • Input: 12V-24V | Output: 5V/2.1A (total)


Due to different car OBD design, the OBD cable adaptor may not fit 100% on certain car models, or may cause inconvenience after installation. Please check you have sufficient space around your OBD socket prior to purchase, it may be a simple case of adjusting the trim around your OBD socket.


Compatible with all Dashcams that are 5 volts and USB. 

Use either Micro USB or the female USB to connect your dashcam or use both to power 2 x Dashcam.

Please note that if your vehicle has start/stop technology and it is turned on, your dashcam recording may be interupted briefly when your vehicle starts up again, this is normal. You should turn off start/stop if you wish recording to be constant.


Great for those that wish to fit their own Dashcam and hide the wires in minutes.

No need to worry about hardwiring in to the fusebox, just DIY and plug straight in with this kit!


OBD to USB Tornado Universal Dashcam Hardwire Kit TABM-2 (Easy OBD Self Fit)

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    • Input: 12/24volts
    • Output: 2 x 5 volts (2.5amp max output)
      • 1 x Micro USB (3 metres)
      • 1 x USB female (2.7 metres)



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