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Cantrack T7+ Asset / Vehicle Tracker Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system

Please note we no longer stock the Cantrack devices

Take a look at our Smartrack Trackers that are Thatcham approved Cat S5 and S7 units that also benefit from realtime live tracking:


Stolen Vehicle / Asset tracking and recovery. 


✔︎ CanTrack Tracks Every Asset Everywhere

✔︎ Asset tracker battery life up to 7 years (with daily single phone mast location ping)

✔︎ accurate location tracking information (daily single ping)

✔︎ Range of remote asset tracker sensors built-in


Remote Sensors that Protect your Assets, with CanTrack you access a wealth of asset monitoring information including theft, damage and health and safety detail.The asset tracking device provides you with reports on temperature, equipment damage, vehicle over-turn, light, unauthorised location movement and minute-by-minute asset utilisation.


Recover your Asset with CanTrack's Inclusive Finder Service

In the event of asset theft, CanTrack customers have immediate free access to the UK’s only private tracking investigation team. On-the-ground investigators make a real difference to the successful recovery of your asset.The effectiveness of CanTrack's Finder Service is underlined by statistics of over 90% of equipment recovered, 80% of which is found within the first 8 hours.


Ultra-durable Asset Tracking Unit 

CanTrack are so confident in the durability of their asset tracker, they've even run a 6-tonne digger over it to prove its toughness! The circuitry of the CanTrack plant tracker is protected by epoxy resin and is further encased in a Nylon Polymer outer shell.Once you install a CanTrack fleet vehicle tracker, you never again have to worry about its toughness or durability. No matter where your vehicles or machinery operate and no matter in what weather conditions, the asset tracking device continues to work effectively.


Secure your Assets with CanTrack

CanTrack keeps tracking your assets whether professional thieves use jammers or detectors. The asset trackers work whether criminals store your plant and equipment underground or hide it in a metal container.With our asset tracking solution, a mixture of GPS satellite, mobile and radio beacon technologies, CanTrack's team can hone in on your asset’s location without needing a clear line of sight to work like GPS tracking devices.


This tracker is not a ‘live’ tracker solution. If your vehicle is stolen, you then contact CanTrack who activate its live function for them to monitor and track your car. Once this has been activated in live mode, the battery will deplete quickly and you will be required to purchase a new unit.

Cantrack T7+ Asset / Vehicle Tracker Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system

Out of Stock
  • Communication Modes:    GPRS/EDGE/HSPA and CDMA 1xRTT packet data, UDP and SMS

    SIM Card:     Embedded SIM (E-SIM), subscription required. No home network, Global Roaming

    Operating Bands (MHz):    Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)

    Location Technology: 50 channel GPS, Triangulated Cell Position, 100mw Marshall transceiver

    Battery:    Lithium: 6000mAh for T7+ (>5/7yrs at 1 position per day) 

    Sensors:    Temperature, Light, Impact, Motion, Tilt, Utilisation

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