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Goluk T3 - Single Dashcam Install VW T6 Camper

The T3 Goluk Dashcam install consisted of an extra battery monitor to ensure that the Camper's battery maintained plenty of power whilst it protected the vehicle's surrounding utilising the Parking Motion functionality. Should the camper's battery drop to a certain level then the battery monitor would ensure to shut down the camera until the battery was back up to a reasonable level.

With the included remote button, should you pass some exceptional scenery, one touch of the button will ensure that full 1080p footage is captured for you to share later on utilising the Goluk inbuilt editing app to add music and upload to a range of social media seamlessly. Of course whilst driving, the journey is continually recorded in a loop on the included 16gb micro SD memory card.

Totally hidden from the driver's view, the T3 camera was mounted in a high position to give great visibility and all wires were hidden making the install look like it was OEM.

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