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Goluk T1 T3 V's Blackvue 650s Specs

Blackview have been the market leaders in the Dashcam industry for quite some time now with its 650GW and then a slightly enhanced firmware changing the model to a 650S.

A myriad of companies have taken to challenge them.

Goluk are an up and coming company that knows exactly what its customer wants.

First and foremost is picture quality.

Why go to the trouble of having a Dashcam installed to then find the footage is below par and unusable?

Goluk's camera's have full 1080p recording with high bitrate quality recording at a full 12megabits per second on both the front AND rear cameras with a wide recording angle to ensure a good coverage of your vehicle is captured.

Many of our customers have asked what the main specs are between the Blackview and the Goluk cameras, here they are:


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