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Custom designed self fit rear dashcam mount for any rear dash camera

Our affordable 4k front Dashcam with rear 2k recording has been very popular due to its excellent recording resolution quality along with its invaluable reversing camera function. But for DIY'ers that like to fit their own dashcams, some needed an easier "self fit" solution as oppose to routing the rear dashcam cable through the rubber tailgate grommet.

How to route your rear dashcam cable in a Volkswagen Vehicle

VW rear dashcam cable route
VW rear dashcam cable route

Depending on vehicle make and model, it can take anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour to correctly route a rear dashcam cable through the rear tailgate grommet. This grommet is used for all the boot / tailgate electronics (and sometimes the feed for the rear washer fluid) and on quite a few vehicles like Range Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen, you need special tools to correctly remove the grommet to gain access inside. You also need to remove difficult panels and even the rear spoiler. This can not only make it a difficult job but you risk breaking things and even damaging the grommet itself, resulting in water ingress into your vehicle.

So, with our experience in installing into thousands of vehicles and in 3d product design, we took to our 3d cad software to come up with a solution that would not only make the job of fitting your own rear dashcam / reversing cam simple and easy but change the time required to install, from up to an hour to literally minutes.

Here we have our very own rear dashcam mount bracket!

The mount attaches to the trim headliner, allowing for cable routing along the trim, providing a professional look.

Designed in 3 different sizes to cater for different vehicle trim headliner and professionally 3d printed in very tough and heat resistant ABS (think of LEGO, its the same material). The mount needs to be made in ABS due to the high temperatures that occur on hot days (it does get extremely hot toward the top of the glass in vehicles).

In order to find the correct size for your car, just measure the headline trim from the top down to where it starts to bend round and then compare your measurements to the measurements on the mounts.

You can always opt for the cost saving triple pack bundle where you can not only save money, but also share the mounts with other vehicles in your family or even future proof functionality with your next vehicle.

We have received great feedback with positive reviews from owners of various vehicles including VW, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover / Range Rover, Audi, Porsche, Ford and Skoda to name a few.

Grab yours today!


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