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Tesla Model X Dashcam Installation - Goluk T1 & T3 - Front & Rear Dashcam - Newton Abbot - D

Goluk Dashcam installation into a Tesla Model X in the South West.

The front T1 Goluk camera was installed to the existing cowl behind the drivers rear view mirror and the power cable traced up the Model X's existing trunking that is adhered to the stunning panoramic windscreen.

A Goluk T3 camera was used for the rear of the Model X.

A stealth install with no modifications to the original wiring and only a small 3 mm fixing to plastic removable cowl behind the mirror.

A switch was also installed to enable both camera's to be powered off when the Tesla is in the Service Centre. These Switches now come as standard to Tesla installs.

Full high quality high bitrate 12mbps on both cameras with excellent 24/7 parking motion recording.

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