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Tesla Dashcam Install Model S - Milton Keynes

  • Loose Wires hanging from the windscreen

  • Large LCD display obstructing your driving view

  • Dashcam adding to clutter on the windscreen / catching your attention instead of you focusing on the road ahead

  • Unsightly Dashcams "Stuck" to your windscreen

  • Worried leaving your vehicle in a car park unattended

  • Other dangerous drivers

  • Crash for Cash scams

  • High insurance premiums

  • Strangers snooping around outside your home

We can help resolve all of the above with a stealth Dashcam installation at your location, in your vehicle, at excellent rates and prove to be a worthy investment.

Full parking motion detection recording, the Goluk T1 and T3 go hand in hand to recording the surroundings of your vehicle whilst parked and also whilst driving.

Full 1080p at 152 degrees field of view with a high bitrate recording resulting in clear unmatched video footage, other dashcams struggle to compete.

Recording incidents around you to protect you and your insurance premiums.

Mark was extremely happy after his install in Milton Keynes to his Tesla Model S.

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