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Goluk Dashcam App Features

Having a Dashcam that provides excellent video footage is a main requirement for any driver.

A great intuitive application that provides fast access to your video footage and ability to edit the footage and share as easily as possible is also very important.

Goluk are always striving to improve and develop their Dashcam application and not only does the latest update provide fast access to video footage, you are also able to edit multiple clips and join footage from both your front and rear cameras with ease.

You can also add a multitude of video filters and background audio.

The quality of the video from the T-Series range of Goluk camera's is exceptional. This is due to Goluk using specific video processing and recording footage at 12Mbps as oppose to other "leading" marques recording at only 9Mbps and 9.5Mbps.

Do Goluk camera's have a "format" button on them?


Why would you constantly be needing to format your memory!?

Other brands have included a format button on their camera's and are making you think this is a regular requirement.

Not with Goluk, single processors in single video stream camera's with great video algorithms means you simply do not have to worry about formatting your memory on a regular basis.

We do not just "install" Dashcam's using sticky pads, we integrate them into your car's trim. Reforming the Goluk mounts to blend in to your vehicle trim, we do not stick them to glass (where possible). In Tesla, VW, Range Rover, BMW to name a few, they are securely attached to trim and hidden from the drivers view. You won't see much if any of the cable either, maybe 1" from the camera unit itself but again, totally hidden from the drivers view.

We also create specific looms for each vehicle prior to attending the install. In Tesla vehicles, a power switch is available in the drivers footwell to power both the front and rear camera off when in for service.

Camera's and looms are manufactured for vehicle makes and models prior to attending the install.

Shield-IT are the only official Goluk approved installer for the UK with official backup warranty support.

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