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Professional Dashcam installation - Tesla Model S, Hope Valley, Derbyshire

  • 24/7 CCTV around your car

  • 24/7 CCTV around your home

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 10% discount on car insurance

  • Protect your insurance excess against Hit and Run drivers

  • Protect your NCD bonus against Hit and Run drivers

  • High definition clear recordings

  • Ultra Wide 152 degrees Field of View

  • Number plate recognition on review

  • Automatic separate "incident" recordings

  • Parking Motion Recording

  • Parking G-Sensor Recording

  • Local wifi hotspot with excellent fast Android / iphone app to download footage

  • MicroSD card upgradeable

  • view footage on Pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

  • All wires completely hidden

  • Fully Hardwired (we do not use your cigarette socket)

All of the above is achieved when we professionally install a stealth Goluk Dashcam System into your vehicle.

Did you know that you could have a dual camera system installed for less than your insurance excess?

This could effectively save you 100% on the camera system. It did for one recent customer when he had his vehicle hit whilst parked. The other driver got out her car, had a look at the damage and then drove off!

If our customer didn't have a Goluk Dashcam system installed at the time, this would have resulted in a claim on his own insurance with an excess of £750. This would have also increased his insurance premiums.

However, as he had a Goluk Front and Rear Dashcam installed, he was able to not only clearly see the woman hit his car, but then supply the Dashcam footage to the police and insurance companies.

The result?

A claim off HER insurance whilst keeping his premiums and NCD intact.

She also had a visit from the police.

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