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Goluk V1 Cloud Dashcam

The Goluk V1 Cloud box trials are going well in the UK.

The interface is very quick, the uploads are instant as are the downloads when you request them.

We are currently trialling it in a Tesla Model S and the added benefits of a cloud solution if you wish to upgrade your existing T series are as follows:

  • Full Historic tracking (currently 1 month)

  • Speed / gps coordinate logging

  • Live view over built in 4g

  • The WDF "Action" Button sends clips to the cloud straight away

  • Automatic push notification and video upload in case of a road accident

  • V1 4G box is self contained and also acts as a Mi-fi unit

  • comes with a GPS antenna (mounted/hidden internally)

  • ability to reduce rates/resolution to control data costs

  • Single cloud solution created by Goluk, no added mi-fi box needed

The V1 will retail at £169 plus installation and will take any data sim (we have been using Three which have very good 4g coverage on all major routes). There will also be a monthly cloud subscription fee (price tbc).

Currently you are only able to access the V1 cloud box over a web browser as oppose to the Goluk app on a mobile phone.

So, if you wished to download long clips of 3 minutes plus, it may be more cost effective to remove the MicroSD memory card and upload clips via your pc/mac.

As with all Goluk products distributed by us in the UK, we continue to work very closely with the app development team.

More improvements and changes will be introduced to the V1 over the coming weeks.

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