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Goluk Dashcam Firmware Update

Firmware Update version 1.7 brings great features and bug fixes to the T2 and T1 Dashcamera's.

Timelapse being the main addition and this function enables constant 24/7 recording of 30 minute video compressed down into a 1 minute video clip with great quality.

This is a nice addition and works alongside the motion and g-sensor detection whilst parked up.

So, if you have had a Goluk Dashcam system hardwired with parking mode enabled, when parked up after 5 minutes the cameras will sense any motion and impacts around the vehicle AND now also record a 24/7 Time lapse video too.

This is great if something happens on the edge of the video where the motion may not be triggered, rest assured the time-lapse will record the video.

Another update is to disable those motion detection "beeps" whilst your car is parked up along with bug fixes.

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