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A fourth Range Rover Stolen

There have been four Range Rovers stolen in the same days in the Scunthorpe area in Lincolnshire.

With them probably being stolen to order, it is recommended for everyone to follow these simple checks to ensure you are keeping your car safe and taking precautions to avoid theft.

To avoid this, you should (if you are able to) turn off keyless entry on your car.

It is also highly recommended to store your keys in a tin or an RFID blocking pouch like this one.

This blocks your car key signals from being copied or cloned and is also handy to carry your key inside when you are out after having parked your car up.

More and more people are also having Thatcham approved vehicle trackers fitted.

Not only do these allow your car to be tracked and located at all times, you could get big discounts off your car insurance for having a tracker fitted and these often end up paying for themselves.

The latest vehicle tracking technology allows your mobile phone to be paired with the vehicle tracker so should a criminal take your car without you knowing, within a few minutes the vehicle tracking company will notice that your phone is not in your car and contact you immediately.

Ascertaining if it is a vehicle theft or not, if it is then they contact the police and work with them in tracking your stolen vehicle.

There are many other advantages of having a vehicle tracker, setting alerts like Geo Fencing in the mapping software, you can receive notifications when your car enters or leaves a certain location, get notifications if your vehicle is speeding, live location tracking etc.

Even though Tesla vehicles have a standard tracker fitted, these can easily be disabled so this Tesla Model X owner had the latest SmarTrack Thatcham approved tracker installed and saved nearly £1000 on his company fleet insurance.


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