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BMW 6 series GT Ghost immobiliser & Dashcam install

Ghost immobiliser for BMW

BMW 6 series GT Dashcam ghost
BMW 6 series GT Dashcam ghost

The rain didn't stop us from installing a Ghost 2 immobiliser & Blackvue 970x Front & rear dashcam with Parking mode battery & LTE cloud module. Our Install igloo allowed us to take time on a professional installation (inflates in just 3 minutes!)

Having a Ghost 2 Immobiliser professionally installed will totally immobilise your vehicle, even if the thieves stole your key.

Ghost immobiliser disable
Ghost immobiliser disable

The Ghost Autowatch 2 is not a generic immobiliser, it is a pioneering market leading immobiliser that integrates with your vehicle to immobilise it. Similar to having a pin code on your mobile phone to stop people from accessing your phone, the only way to enable your vehicle to start is to enter a code that you set using your cars own buttons. This can be a sequence of buttons such as volume up, volume down, source, cruise, aircon on, etc. This sequenced code is programmed by you, no one else will know this code.

So, even if someone were to break into your home and steal your car key, they simply will not be able to start your car to drive it away.

To disable the Ghost Immobiliser, when you enter your car just press the sequence of buttons (that you have programmed) and then start your car as normal. The sequence can be between 4 and 20 digits long which would be impossible for someone to try and guess! Alternatively you can also use the secure Ghost mobile app available.

We are TASSA registered, DBS security vetted and fully qualified to install the Ghost technology. Once installed your vehicle is registered onto a national database and you will also receive documentation to show your insurance company, as they naturally love these devices! (Depending on which insurance company you are with, you can also enjoy substantial discounts off your premiums, effectively allowing the unit to pay for itself, especially when you sell your vehicle, you can have this removed and reinstalled allowing more insurance discounts!).

Criminals can break into vehicles and create their own key to start your car on some makes by using a programmer in the OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) port (normally in the drivers footwell on your car or other locations) or even by tapping onto the vehicles data electronics at locations around the car. Should someone try to create a key or cloned key using these methods, the Ghost will actually block this from happening.

Can I disable the Ghost immobiliser when it goes in for service?

Of course! There is a Service / Valet mode for the BMW ghost immobiliser that you can enable when your vehicle is in for service. This makes the Ghost invisible to the garage however if certain requirements are not met the Ghost will automatically enable itself again.

BMW Ghost Immobiliser installer for BMW

✔️ Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU

✔️ Disarm via buttons on steering wheel / dash

✔️ No transmitted radio frequency signals

✔️ Uses the on-board CAN data network

✔️ User changeable disarm sequence

✔️ Service mode, disarm sequence never compromised

✔️ Secure emergency code if disarm sequence forgotten

✔️ Mobile app connect to 2 phones to allow quick disarm

The front and rear Blackvue 970x dashcam was installed at the same time to protect their BMW 6 series GT whilst parked. With the ability to monitor the cameras over the internet using the Blackvue cloud.

Blackvue 970x dashcam
Blackvue 970x dashcam

Blackvue 970x dashcam installer
Blackvue 970x dashcam installer

BMW ghost immobiliser
BMW ghost immobiliser

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