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Tesla Model S - Goluk Twin Dashcam Install - Beckenham - Insurance Saving tip

Tesla Model S P85D.

A Goluk T1 was installed into the front of this Tesla Model S P85D with a wider view angle and a Goluk T3 installed into the rear, completely hiding the wiring by following the Tesla's original loom in existing conduits.

We ensure that time is taken to install the cameras and respect all airbag locations. If required these can be removed without a trace and reinstalled into your new vehicle.

However as the camera's including installation is such a good price, it actually results in a worthy investment and when customers come to sell their vehicles they enhance the sale with new cameras being purchased for their new vehicle.

A great tip when purchasing / renewing your vehicle insurance is to use and tick the option to say that you have had a Dashcam fitted to receive up to 10% DISCOUNT on your car insurance premium. With customers vehicle insurances ranging from £400 to £2500 this could save you up to £250 which would actually cover the camera investment!

The Goluk camera's have a high bitrate of 12Mbs ensuring the best 1080p quality on both front AND rear of the vehicle and with a finely tuned parking motion detection algorithm, only the important and relevant footage is recorded ensuring efficient use of the supplied 16gb memory card.

Another install with no visible wires and a discreet stealth look.


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