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Goluk T1 / T2 / T3 Firmware Update

There have been a few improvements made that require users to update the firmware in their cameras.

Don't worry, this is a straight forward process and what this does is to add enhancements and also fix any bugs that may require fixing.

Firmware Updates in layman terms is reprogramming the units "brain" and this can take up to 3 minutes.

You should ensure that your car is switched on at all times whilst upgrading the firmware. If you own a Tesla Electric Vehicle, it is fine to update the camera's installed by Shield-IT at any time.

The main improvements in this revision are WIFI connectivity/Stability that some users may have been experiencing.

Goluk Firmware update

Firmware Upgrade Procedure:


  1. The update should be done with a mobile phone that has a Data signal in order to check & download the new firmware. You must also ensure that the memory card has been formatted.

  2. First ensure that you connect to the Goluk’s WIFI.

  3. Open up the Goluk App and press the “Me” button in the bottom right corner

  4. Select “Camera Management”

  5. Select “Firmware update”

  6. At this point your phone will search for the update and download it.

  7. Select the new update and this will then be applied to your camera after a few minutes. * It is important to not power the cameras down or turn your vehicle off whilst updating as this could damage the camera and is not covered under warranty.

  8. Thats it! (you may have to join the camera’s WIFI again)



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