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Mercedes GLA Dashcam install

Mercedes GLA dashcam installer
Mercedes GLA dashcam installer

A Front & rear FineVu GX300 Dashcam system was integrated into this Mercedes GLA in Scunthorpe. Providing excellent quad HD recording, fast wifi app access, advanced driving awareness features including an integrated speed camera database, makes this a feature packed system. It also has integrated GPS that records speed and location.

The parking mode recording is exceptional with the camera automatically recording the state of the GLA's internal 12volt battery, it can record video and audio efficiently in timelapse and motion detection with ease, ensuring your vehicle is monitored whilst parked.

When you enter the vehicle, you are greeted by a clear concise voice, indicating how the camera has been looking after your car whilst parked.

"7 motion incidents and an impact was detected" is spoken from the camera.

You can then activate the camera wifi to connect using your mobile phone and view the incidents, downloading them quickly to your phone ready to share if required.

All wires are totally hidden and run alongside existing vehicle wiring looms, we aim for the best aesthetically pleasing look that almost looks like a factory install.

We like to fit dashcams so that the user doesn't know they are there yet they can be accessed instantly using the smartphone phone app if required.

Mercedes GLA dashcam with speed camera detection

Dashcam speed camera
Dashcam speed camera

We have over 30 years experience in the electronics industry and also installed into thousands of vehicles, treating each one as if it were our own. We are pioneers in our installation methods and we take out the stress of you choosing the Dashcam and only recommend the best whilst we continually review new products coming to market.

Mercedes GLA dash cam installer

Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete dashcam installs.

Our best selling dashcams offer the following features:

✔︎ Automatic separate "incident" recordings

✔︎ Driving Loop recording

✔︎ Parking Recording

✔︎ Parking G-Sensor (impact) Recording

✔︎ Parking Motion Recording

✔︎ wifi hotspot with fast downloadable footage

✔︎ up to 500gb storage with micro sd memory

✔︎ View footage on IOS / ANDROID app

✔︎ View footage on pc/Mac with removable microSD memory

✔︎ Cloud Recording (with optional hardware)

✔︎ Cloud - Live Streaming, Live GPS tracking, Statistics, Geo-Fence

✔︎ ADAS (safe driving assistance system)

✔︎ H.264 & 265 video recording

✔︎ Real HDR video

✔︎ Ultra wide viewing angle (160deg & 150 deg)

✔︎ High Temperature running ability (85 deg c) with added protection

✔︎ PC/Mac App with vehicle data and location recording

✔︎ JDR data - Automatic data recovery and self format (unique to GNET)

Mercedes Dashcam installer
Mercedes Dashcam installer

  • Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete installs.

  • up to 24/7 CCTV around your car*

  • Protection from other dangerous drivers

  • Protection from crash for cash schemes

  • Up to 20% discount on car insurance

* recording time may vary depending on vehicle usage and the battery monitor will power the camera's down at a safe level of 12 or 12.5 volts. if you leave your vehicle for long periods of time and/or wish to have longer parking recording then we advise extra battery units to be installed by ourselves.

Best Mercedes Dashcam
Best Mercedes Dashcam

We can install a professional camera system that will protect your vehicle and its surroundings. We take out all the work required in sourcing out the best camera systems and deal direct with the manufacturers themselves. We only stock and install dashcams that we approve of, we wont bombard you with a myriad of different camera makes and models.

Dont wait until its too late, get yourself and your vehicle protected today, a professional dashcam install can be removed and used time and time again in your next vehicles.

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