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Red Light "Jumpers"

Ensuring you have good evidence should you ever be caught up in an accident at a red light due to people jumping the lights is absolutely paramount.

Other leading Dashcam brands such as Blackvue and Thinkware add on extra's to their products to ensure they are "head of the game" in Dashcam technology such as GPS and even audible speed camera alerts seem to be missing the main function of a Dashcam, and that is excellent high quality footage.

Goluk T3 footage of an accident in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Shield-IT has followed the Dashcam industry for 10 years with exceptional technical experience and in November 2016 established a partnership with Goluk after reviewing their T3 Model Dashcam.

Whilst the T3 did not have GPS or speed camera databases, Goluk saw a gap in the market for a high quality Dashcam that could double up as an action camera and placed its T series firmly between companies like Go-Pro and Blackview / Thinkware. It did this by controlling and enhancing the way that the video footage was recorded to the memory card. Goluk also designed accessories that allowed you to simply remove your Goluk Dashcam and clip it into a battery mount to then use whilst on your push bike, motorbike, out in the park etc.

Even the very latest models like the Blackview 750s and Thinkware F800 only record to the on board micro sd memory card at a "bitrate" of 9mbps and 9.5mbps whereas the Goluk 'T' range all record at 12mbps.

This means you get clearer detailed video footage that you can use as evidence should you ever need to.

Shield-IT speak with the Goluk technical team on a regular basis to ensure the product is always evolving and firmware updates include enhancements when required.

The Goluk App is developed by the in house team and is very slick in comparison to the competition when it comes to speed of the wifi and reliability / ease of use of the app.

We can provide camera's for people to plug in themselves but specialise in "hard wired" solutions whereby all wires are hidden and the camera's can hardly be seen by the drivers view (where possible). We also enable parking mode when your vehicle is parked up and it records motion or physical knocks should they occur when you are away from your vehicle.

Customers have even used their vehicle as an extension to their home CCTV system.

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